Tomorrow when you wake up and find out that you’ve got grey hair, what would you do? Maybe colour them immediately or cut them from the inception if there are only a few. Appearances are so important to us that we tend to forget reality. We forget that the whole purpose of our existence still does not reflect the true shine.

An 8-year-old Girl

Raped for 8 days in a temple

Allegedly held captive by 6 men

Including 2 police officers

And here we are updating our social media stories seeking justice for someone who died a brutal death 3 months ago? Can the rage ever bring her back? The child was gang-raped by six men repeatedly inside a village temple and was kept drugged for hours before she was killed by a stone. But, before being used as a pleasure toy – one last time. asifa rape case

Let me go global and present to you the sorry state of affairs here. In Saudi Arabia, they behead men for rape. In China, they castrate men for rape. In Afghanistan, they shoot men in the head for rape. In India, men somehow get more inspired to rape.

The present opinion of the country: The aftermath of the Asifa rape case sifa rape ase

Award-winning columnist Meghna Pant said via The Washington Post:

“We must confront this: The India we thought had changed has not changed at all. In 2012, a massive popular uprising against the gang rape of a medical student in Delhi, dubbed the “Nirbhaya” case, led to a tough new set of anti-rape laws. It was considered an inflection point in our conversation about gender. Now we know that not much is better or different. Not our politicians, not our hate-mongers — and sadly not even we, the people.”

December 2012, when the Nirbhaya case happened everyone woke up. Apparently, you’ll have to stick an iron rod into the vagina of the victim to call for people to march with candles on the road or for the country to have a strict “put to death” law for the perpetrator. It’s like waking up only when a bucket full of water has been thrown at us.

Today is no different than yesterday, it cost us the rape of an 8-year-old child to wake up again. Asifa was raped. The irony sparks when we see people voicing their thoughts such as, “I’m not gonna vote for BJP this time, Modi ji didn’t break his silence for 2 days and yada, yada, yada”. Well, if you’re not gonna vote Modi you know who the next in line is! The other leader my dear friend is the one whom you’ve mocked for years. Why are we so pretentious and hypocritical? asifa was raped

If there’s no punishment for a crime, why will the criminal stop?

Not much has changed since the Verma Committee renewed our criminal laws and amended it with stronger anti-rape laws.

38,947 rape cases were registered across India in 2016, compared to 34,210 in 2015. Gang-rape cases reported in 2016 also increased to 2,167 from 2,113 in 2015.

The courts’ discretion to give rapists a sentence lesser than the minimum of seven years was abolished. The renewed 2013 Act expanded the definition of rape to include oral sex as well as the insertion of an object or any other body part into a woman’s vagina, urethra or anus.

The laws provided for an imprisonment of minimum 20 years, life imprisonment, and even death sentence for those convicted for the offence of gang-rape.

The enforcement of stricter laws didn’t just stop there! Finally, fast-track courts were also set up for rape cases. These courts conducted trials on a day-to-day basis which needed to be completed within two months of the charge sheet. But all of it was then.

But how fast are fast-track courts? Why are the laws still aren’t as effective as planned?

A friend had a plausible answer to my query,

“It depends upon a lot of factors. It depends upon the police, the investigation, filings and the witnesses. OurAnti-Rape Bill’ requires providing offence beyond a reasonable doubt. We do not use stringent punishment. asifa was raped

Although the law mandates rape cases to be heard on a daily basis, still external factors plus unavailability and vacant position of judicial officers delays the matter. Delay also make the witnesses turn hostile thereby increasing the probabilities of acquittal of the accused.”

Fast-track courts were set up in the year 2000 to accelerate the delivery of justice and reduce pendency in courts. As of 2017, there are only 524 functional fast-track courts while most of the states don’t even have one. We have one judge for every one million people. Our schemes are effective in distress and work only to relieve pain after the crime, not to prevent crime.

The scenario was highlighted by media more so by saying that the victim was Muslim and the criminals were Hindu. This was enunciated several times, highlighted, made bold and italicized. Keeping the tenderness of the case in mind, how come a secular issue be justified with the notion of religion, caste, or creed?

And we don’t pay you tax just so you could keep your mouth shut!?

The Prime Minister is not known for giving in to political pressures from the opposition but the anger over Kathua and Unnao rape cases was vociferous. It had crossed a certain line where not speaking up would tantamount to complexity.

“Incidents being discussed since past two days cannot be part of a civilised society. As a country, as a society, we all are ashamed of it. I want to assure the country that no culprit will be spared, complete justice will be done. Our daughters will definitely get justice.” Said Modi.

The PM’s statement was solemn and the resigning of alleged BJP ministers seemed like a concerted effort to ameliorate the pressure on the party. asifa rape case

One wrong touch can mark that person for a lifetime, it’s almost impossible to forget or let go. Living in a male-dominated society, we don’t understand the pressures a female goes through. Whether she lives in a metro or the suburbs, the drama of family, work and relationships are more-or-less the same. Something more precious than life for a human is their respect (or sammaan).  Somehow, that “sammaan” for a woman and a girl child, as of today, is at the edge of annihilation.

(At last Asifa’s body was found dead: We are sorry!)