Why should you make more low-maintenance friends?

Before we know better, the wise eyes make us learn to share. Sharing in the form of bits of food to the snaps of autobiographical memories. But do we really have to do it often? Does frequency triumphs the intensity of care?

Every often when I visit my old not-so-forgotten friends, they follow a ritual. It consists of food over a soothing venue and words that never ages :
“You don’t miss us. You don’t call”
“You can engulf the pride and call us”
“How are we supposed to know you care?”
So I start counting as it becomes really difficult for me to make them understand. But the downside is I can’t even count properly for me to hop my nerves out of the conversation and into the numbers.

So, what is it really that arrest our hands? For the fulfilment of my agenda, I would like to gather an army of low maintenance people. Just like cars which require less fuel, people can be like them too. They not only display shiftiness in the lane of friendship but also throughout the day.
If we would refer to them as being diseased, the following symptoms would really be helpful to find one:

1. Yes! They communicate rarely. But no! They don’t forget. They care.

What would you better have in this world than a friend who doesn’t require much to maintain? You can call them anytime after heaps of time and slaps of emotions and they will be the same.
They will not only tell you that “You deserve better”, but also find ways to overcome hurdles and move on quickly.

2. Follows minimalism.

We solemnly swear to stick on a countable number of things.
A favourite pair of jeans and monochrome t-shirts is the most outdoor theme. And to define our foot touching threshold, a lip colour or some mascara is all required to dress up.
Some might call it a true form of carelessness while in our parallel world, comfort is the underlying lane. An old piece of clothing is way more easy to fit in.

3. Masters of listening.

Opinions matter, only if they are being heard. And most of the troubles vanish as soon as they touch some ears. So if you are really hoping for a thorough listener, the door is always open.

4. Anti-anxiety aura developers.

Do not worry meeting them for the first time, they are too lazy to make you anxious. They can’t guarantee to provide best time ever but a time of utter comfort. So you can remain silent or blabber your cramps with the extra benefit of skipping to feel awkward.

5. Avoid shopping.

Low maintenance people are not too picky. They live in a stimulation where everyone is like that. So if you are looking for a friend to walk you through the stores and have delicate choices, they will be the worst partner. Come on, that’s like the only negative point.

6. A GPS free-relationship.

If you are going to date somebody who is low maintenance, I can assure you a life free of “Where are yous”. They leave the matter in the hands of old gods and the new.

Personality is like cytoskeleton, it can be modified to a bunch of levels. But the true fabric never really changes.
Quotation- “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”.

In a passive-aggressive tone, a request to relieve us from all the charges and let us play our role. A role unequited from chanting sonnets to occupying a space below for mere scrutiny, we can prove to be worthy in full circle.


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