The process of sleeping is when your thoughts come to rest, the neurological and cardiac system slows down, the temperature falls and every other system of the body brings itself to near rest. Waking up is a complex process too. The neurons in the brain wakes it up little before the eye does and with the brain, wakes up our thought process. The start of your day speaks a lot about your personality because the body is just refreshed and the thoughts coming now will only come out because the mind is too much engaged into it. Psychological terms say that the mind rests upon something that defines our persona.

Hence we have a little perception to some of your morning thoughts.


1. About the person, you are dating…

My friend, we solved you the biggest mystery. You are in love with that person if he/she is your first-morning thought. As soon as your thought process starts, you think about them and have probably planned a future with them. You want to text/call/see them as soon as you wake up. They were in your head while you slept too.

This indicates “Love”.

Morning Thoughts about love

2. About the previous day…

You are the kind of person who never gets enough. You always want more from everyone and everything in your life. Satisfied is not your forte. You will probably think about the things you could have said to your lover or you wanted to stay a little longer at the party last night or things you could have done better. Content lacks from your file and you are never enough for yourself. There are chances of you feeling guilty about it too.

This indicates “Dissatisfaction”.

3. About undone work…

That could lead us into two ways, either you are too interested in your work-life or, not at all. One case is when you feel happy to work and career and it is the outcome of your passion because where passion meets dedication is where the roads get wiser.

This shows a “sensible and correct decision-making process” that you hold in yourself.

The other case says the opposite. The career option you have chosen for yourself has defined or undefined pressures in it which makes your workload heavier.

 This indicates a “poor decision-making process”.

Morning Thoughts about undone work

4. About the following day…

If you wake up and are excited about the day, you are probably looking for better opportunities for yourself in the day. This says that you are eager and enthusiastic to learn and face whatever life throws at you.

This indicates a very small component of what we call a “happy life”.

5. About future and family…

Planning and thinking are two different things, but it happens as the first thoughts, it is probably the later one. You are stressing too much about the future, be it your career or the way you want to make your close ones proud. These things are covering up your mind giving less space to peace. You are aware that thinking about it won’t change anything, but planning might.

This indicates “pressure”.

6. About past mistakes…

If so, you are a man of regrets. The Past is a place to learn and not to live. The regrets you have developed, you are not able to change them to lessons. Living with those regrets are drowning you down with its weight. Cut the rope if not, these thoughts will burden you up.

This indicates “regrets”.

Morning Thoughts of past mistakes

So if you have any such thoughts, you know where to stop and where to multiply.

P.S. Avoid the thoughts of sleeping again