Every beautiful thing has scars. Everyone is imperfect in their own beautiful way. And it is this imperfection that makes people fall for the soul.

Search for the light that grows inside the person through their scars

Skin makes you pretty, scars make beautiful. Each soul has cracks, that’s where the light comes in. This light heals you, makes you better. This wound makes your soul beautiful. You can love anybody when they are perfect. You need to search for the light that grows inside the person. You are in love with them if you respect their imperfections and they love your wounds also you know you can’t appreciate your weakness, this isn’t possible. But it is possible to at least accept them. Embrace them as they are yours to love, as they are yours to heal. Open up to the light. We all want to be loved once by someone whose eyes soothes us.

Be loved for your wounds because they tell stories about you. Just like the moon. It has cracks. Just like the stars. They glitter only in dark. Just like the sparkles, it calls for deep dark secrets. Like the water, it is mesmerizing, yet tasteless. Leaves on the trees, their color can tell their age. The light, how we easily assume it to be correct, and the dark to be wrong. Everything in this universe has imperfections. But they own it like they are their strengths. They all have pace with it. They have managed to tell us they are perfect.

So what if your heart is in pieces. Collapse with the broken pieces, every night. That’s how galaxies are made. Your wound is stronger than any falling star that grants your wish. In time, you tend to mend yourself with your disabilities. It’s all time that you need. I am not saying do not change. Do change if it’s for better. Your weaknesses are beautiful, but only if you accept them and have the courage to change them into your strengths. I just want to convey that if someone does not help you identify and correct your imperfections, they are not worth your strength. There is no shame in your weaknesses. They are the ones that define your strength.

Scars are the ones that define your strengthYou have to be at flow with your faults. Accept them and know this: you cannot undo, but you can redo. Time is the best healer. In time, the minute-arm will stop making you count. And it is by this time, that all you ever lost will come back to you.