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Strike a Pose! – Your ultimate guide to good photographs

by Sargam Palod

We always think of getting good pictures, but when the camera turns on, a bit of a hesitation creeps in, our brain stops working on how to strike a pose, how to smile and what to do with those hands! Ultimately all of this devoids us from getting a good picture and fills all our social media posts with the same old selfies. So, here are some tips on how to pose like a professional;

41-e1491746558336.jpgYou Only Live Once

Unless you have a professional photographer with you all the times which is rare, odds are that most of the times the photos you have yourself clicked in are simply selfies or casual shots with friends. As much as you think that posing for these types of pictures will make you look better, having a little fun will almost always make for a more flattering snap, leaving less room for any mistake.


Chances are, one side really is better, most of the times it’s the left side of your face (proven by a scientific research). You can find yours by holding a piece of paper in front of the mirror and covering each vertical half of your face simultaneously. The relatively better one is adorned with more uplifted features—for example, the corners of your eyes and lips.

The 45 degree Delight

If you don’t have a photographer with you, who will guide which angle looks best. Try this ultimate red carpet pose — Turn your body about 45 degrees to the right, then turn your head left in the direction of the camera, as if someone has called your name. Look them up in the eye and smile your way. Keep one arm to your waist. You will look really slender.


 Let the Light Shine

No matter how cool the filters are these days on Instagram or Snapchat, nothing beats nature when the memories are priceless. Capture the sun rays by turning your back on them — so it will just be a silhouette giving you a natural vintage effect.  The best lighting is when the sun goes down, it will cast less shadow downward and will light up the area under the eyes making you look younger.

Neck like a Swan

Push your face and forehead forward (I know it sounds ridiculous), but it helps define your jawline and gives your face a more angular, lifted look and hides any sign of a double chin. For better results, take seated photos from a higher angle tilt your chin a little bit upward or a tad downward to meet the camera, it will give your features more depth.

Cross those Ankles

If you’re simply being shot for a street style snap, cross your legs, starting at the calf instead of simply keeping them one behind the other. This frame will make you look leaner and your legs look longer. Taking full-length photos from a lower angle will make you look taller.

The Key to your Smile

Smiling is not as simple as it seems when it comes to photos. Smiling too wide showing all your teeth will make your face all smushed and wrinkled, and your cheeks to pop out, which aren’t the benchmarks of an attractive photo. Instead, take a second to relax your face and open your mouth slightly, so that your lower lip matches the curve of your upper teeth (Practice in the mirror before). This is ah-mazing, as it allows you to show a number of teeth you want to. Not a fan of smiling with teeth? Learn to smile with your eyes, without twitching the corner of your lips downwards. Here are a few intelligently curated key steps to a relaxed smile:

  1. Close your eyes,
  2. Take a deep breath and release it,
  3. Open your eyes,
  4. Ready-smile-click

“Say Cheese” no more

Ever since you were a kid you’ve said cheese for a photograph. Although, it does give happy vibes when you’re in a group but doesn’t create a genuine smile. Say, honey, not cheese. This will add genuine crinkles by the side of your eyes and at the same time focus your vision at the top of the camera lens which will make your eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Hair it Up

Those tangled and flowy strands are just one less thing to worry about when it comes to blithesome pictures. Give volume to your hairs by using a comb or run your fingers through them to make it a bit tousled and imperfect. Place the hand closest to the back of your head; this will give definition to your arm.


Sit in Style

If you’re sitting, move towards the edge of the chair, up straight. Or for a glamorous pose rest your elbows on your thighs and lean a tad forward. Also, you could try sitting on the floor with one knee up, crossing your legs yoga-style, or sweep them to one side like a mermaid’s tail.


When in doubt it’s always good to play with props, grab that flower – smell it like it’s the most aromatic thing on the planet. Love animals? Animal love! Cuddle with your dog or cat and it will always be good because we are never too old to be too cute!

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid direct head-on shots, unless shooting with a professional photographer because the absence of proper light and shadows can make your face look larger than normal and slightly discolored.
  • Never have a red eye problem again by looking at a light just before the photo is taken. This will minimize your pupil and help avoid the red eye problem.

Thank you to all my friends for helping me out with the pictures, you all have been so kind, and thank you to Khushi for the Cover image. Follow her on Instagram @cryptxc.mind

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