A plunge into the past- Bygone bedtime stories…

Hola Everybody! You must be wondering what exactly I am excited about. Well. When it comes to reading and books, I get myself in a tizzy! Remember the days when we (I mean people who loved reading back then) eagerly waited for next month issue of Tinkle, Magic pot and Tin-Tin? Kids actually chose reading Panchatantra and Grandma Tales over playing Video games. Those books had the power to hook up boys and girls both. Nostalgic yet? Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and relish those days. But here’s the interesting part, I am going to tell you some of the trivial facts about those stories. I am sure you will be tempted to dig in that old box and read those books again!

1. Adventures of Tin-Tin

The Adventures of Tin-Tin are a series of 24 comic albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Roomi. It was originally in French and was later released in English and 69 other languages in parts. As quoted by the official website of Tin-Tin, those comics were a perfect mix of cozy and thrill. Tin-Tin became so famous that those comics were even made into cartoon series and movies. Tin-tin was, is and will be loved worldwide forever.

Birth of the legend: The author based the character of tin-tin on his brother Paul. He was good at sketching and often drew cartoons in his free time. The characterization and looks of tin-tin are entirely based on his brother.

Quick facts!
1.   Georges started sketching when he was still in primary school and First World War was going on. His sketches clearly portrayed the daily lives of Germans at that time.
2.  Belgian government has even released some Tin-Tin coins. Other than that, music festivals and exhibitions in honour of Tin-Tin have been witnessed in the past.

2.The Famous Five

The Famous Five series were written by Enid Blyton and are considered one of his best works. They are all about a group of four kids and their dog and how they solve mysteries.

Birth of the naughty Five- The author initially thought of writing 6 books in the series but the series gained so  much of popularity that she ended up writing 21 books in all.


Quick facts!

The famous five club the back page of most of the novels mentions The Famous Five club which was used by the author to raise funds for an orphanage. Badges of this club were made and mailed to members and members paid for it. Even now, we can see those badges popping on sites like eBay.

Famous five back then was used as a medium to teach its young readers good manners. You must have noticed that those four children always washed their hands, were not impolite to elders and were quite reliable.

The dog in the stories was a way of teaching children the value of pet animals and how they should be taken care of.

And I bet you didn’t know this- The Isle of Purbeck health golf course, which is used as one of the locations in the novel actually was owned by Blyton and her husband.

3. Alice in wonderland

One of the beloved fairy tales which you couldn’t resist to lay your hands upon when you were a kid. Am I right or am I right? Fairy tales are something which every girl on this planet is familiar of. Ask any girl if she wished to be a fairy or meet one when she was a kid and she will not say no. They all were transported right into that fantasy land as soon as they held the book, be it Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan.

How wonderland came into existence– Lewis Caroll got the idea of name Alice from his boss’s daughter whose name was Alice. Whenever they used to go on family trips, Lewis was called the storyteller and children used to never leave his side. Later when he decided to publish those stories, he stole Alice’s name for the title.

Quick fact!

According to the oxford dictionaries, Lewis Caroll was the one who introduced new words into the English Language like  mimsy, chortle and jabberwocky.

4. Tarzan (book series)

Tarzan has been called one of the best literary characters in the world. All the movies and cartoons are a living proof of that fact. This again is a twenty four adventure novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although it was written in the 20th century, it is still adored by every kid today. Tarzan is thought of as a savior and is an inspiration for many.

Birth of the monkey man! – Tarzan got his name after a southern Californian community – Tarzana. ‘tar’ means white and ‘zan’ means skin.

Quick fact!

Most of the people when asked say that Tarzan was raised by gorillas. But that’s not true. He was raised by apes which closely resemble gorillas but are way smarter than them.

5. Nancy Drew

If you loved reading as a kid, chances are that you might have tumbled upon this amazing detective series featuring an amateur detective girl.Her charm captured many hearts of young generations for years.

Birth of this empowering woman – The author, Carolyn Keene, actually believed that a woman’s place was in the house but he was also aware of the fact that hardy boys books were popular among girl readers, so he decided to grab the attention of women audience by writing Nancy Drew.

Quick Facts!

Drew was among the first characters in English literature which made franchises possible.

Nancy drew has a dedicated fan club for almost 10 years now. Its named as the sleuths’. They even celebrated the 85th anniversary by holding many conventions.

As it featured a female character, it didn’t fail to influence many ladies like Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and others.

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  1. it’s a good article but the title and the article is a little Mismatch. I would have loved if you would have talked about any story the we loved while reading tin tin or Alice for that matter, it would have made me feel more connected and nostalgic. why would I bother reading about the history only of a series that I loved as a child. I opened this article thinking that it would bring back my childhood memories but it only increases my bed time stories IQ.


    1. Well, that wasn’t my intention behind writing this article. I wanted my readers to know the history behind all those bedtime stories they read as a kid. That was the whole purpose. But anyway, I respect your comment on the article. Thanks a lot for letting us know about your opinion.



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