Reservation in India: the evil we don’t deserve…

The world’s fifth largest economy, we have sent rockets to the Mars, discovered water on the Moon,36 percent of the scientists at NASA are Indians,34 percent of Microsoft employees are Indians,28 percent of IBM employees are Indians.
Why are we then called a ‘Third World Country”?

Our constitution bestows us the right to freedom and most importantly to implement this freedom in an equitable manner. However in today’s time, one of the major roadblocks to this equality is the Reservation System. Everybody who is anybody has some opinion or the other on the topic of reservation. While reservation in India has been known to exist since the time of independence, the topic usurped national conscience in 2006, when the government passed the OBC quota bill, giving 27% reservation for OBCs in central educational institutes.The biggest question that lies in front of us is whether implementing this reservation system has really helped the downtrodden? Not against reservation but it really feels painful when we see a son/daughter of IAS officer or A grade gazette officer getting admission in prestigious colleges or getting highly coveted job after studying for almost free by just securing a mere percentile/ marks and a General category guy whose family income is less than 2000 per month paying higher education fee still not getting the same opportunity.

Quota system and Reservation system in India seem to be an evergreen hot buzz topic and everyone seems to have a go at it. Some consider this an abomination, some a blessing, and some a necessary evil.
The truth is that reservation is the harsh reality of our unequal socio-economic society. In a country as diverse as ours and with the ever-increasing gap between the economically forward and the backward, we have to have certain reservations in place for our limited resources to ensure that when we talk about the progress of our country, we are talking about all the sections of the society and not just a few handful ones. At the same time, this is an issue that needs to be handled with utmost care and planning. But what has enraged many has been the politicization of the issue and the issue being used in the election manifesto of most parties to draw voters’ attention.

The reservation system finds its provenance in the age-old caste system of India. The caste system at its nasceny was meant to connote people on the basis of their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), sovereignty and war (Kshatriya) and lastly business(vanish) etc. but soon it became an instrument to demarcate the society on caste-basis, creating numerous walls between different sections of the society. Today we stand divided widely into Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST & OBCs.
Intrinsically, this country needs to apprehend that this reservation shit only segregates the society leading to favouritism and conflicts between various sections. It is onerous and does not identify its basis in casteism. It is actually the antipole of an intermutual living.

Forthwith, as per the government policy, fifteen percent of the government jobs and fifteen percent of the students admitted to universities must be from Scheduled Castes and for the Scheduled Tribes, there is a reservation in India of about 7.5 %. Other than this, the state governments also follow their own reservation stratagem respectively based on the population constitution of each state. So nearly 50% seats are reserved.What started off as a meagre 10% to provide the economically deprived and the backward citizens an opportunity to come to par with the more emancipated upper class during the time of independence, has ballooned into around 49.7% presently, with some particular states going over and above it as well. And unfortunately, just like the oppression that they had been subjected to for generations during the pre-independence days, the backward sections have come to treat reservation as an inherent part of their heritage. Such a situation then becomes a tricky proponent to handle as the moment someone falls into the mindset of taking something for granted, they look upon it as a luxury rather than an opportunity.

So Is Reservation Good?

Yes and No.

Yes: The intention for reservation is good, necessary and correct.

No: Because it has not been implemented properly.

The basic problem with the reservation system in IndiaImage result for reservation in india graphics has been its misuse (or may I say heavy abuse). Reservation was never intended to help the Rich SC kid get an Easy entry to an educational institute. It was meant to give a shortcut to millions of SC ST and  OBCs out of the rut, taking their families along,  and making the society more accepting of them.

It was also supposed to end, but sadly due to political corruption and vote bank politics, it did not. But when we say that, we need to remember that it was also thought that the caste-based discrimination too would end. If our politicians have failed, so have we.

Another issue is that the reservation in higher educational institutes, without proper support for primary education, seems like a cop-out. The government’s job was to bring about a change in the mindset of people, create and employ strict laws to stomp out any discrimination, but that is a really hard thing to do. It requires patience and courage to risk annoying your vote bank which not many politicians are willing to do.
What is surprising is that our constitution clearly is a reservation-friendly constitution but nowhere in the constitution is the term ‘backward classes defined. What actually constitutes a backward class? What are the determinants of a backward class? These questions remain ignored and it is only with the help of authoritative pronouncements that they have been given some meaning. The question arises how can reservations be fashioned for something that has not been articulated?

If anyone applies or a course in any University, the admission forms are permeated with questions like ‘Are you SC/ST or OBC or General Category?’ What is the big fucking deal which category does he belong to, what matters is his merit? A category obviously can’t decide whether he is eligible for admission or not. There exist numerous poor kids belonging to the so-called forward classes but they cannot get the perks of such reservation merely by virtue of belonging to the sinister ‘general’ category. Some of the candidates belonging to the so-called backward classes do not even justify and still acquire the necessary merit as against a child who studied his ass off for months to get a seat, thereby smattering away that seat just because he comes from a peculiar religion or caste for which our government grants reservation.

Image result for reservation in india graphics‘Meritocracy’ should be the objective of an ideal society. But the society we live in is far from ideal with no short-term solutions to make it better over-night. We are too stuck with ideologies of the past and have been pursuing with them even in the modern age. Ideologies of caste, reservation, gender domination etc. are things we need to move away from rather than get more and more entangled in by trying to fit them in a progressive world. It’s a misfit of the highest proportion. Progressive thinking needs to be implemented with an eye to ensure the gradual decadent of traditional mindset as being in the age of science and technology, medieval thinking needs to be restricted just to the pages of the history books.

Like,let me.give you a silly example,two persons X and Y are preparing for the civil services.X got 170 marks while Y got 140 marks but Y got selected because he had this superpower thing called ‘Quota’ ,won’t it be injustice to the X and if Y becomes a high ranked official and X becomes a thief out of frustration,would Y be able to catch X because X is clearly better here?

Yes, reservation system in India is inherently unfair, but our society itself is based on unfairness at this point, where some people are predominant to others and some ‘second banana’ based exclusively on their birth and not merit.

There needs to be a serious discussion on the relevance of reservation system in India for solving this issue. What can be the better way? In an education hungry society like ours, Is compromising on student intake for some of the most premium colleges worth it?Related image

Also till reservation in India is there, how can we make sure that it is not abused? What laws need to be brought into place to prevent non-deserving people taking it? I personally know cases of millionaires taking advantage of the reserved seat for their son, which is preposterous.


If my opinion were to be taken, there should be only two kinds of reservations in this country;

‘Physically Handicapped/Disabled’: I guess we all agree to the fact that reservations for physically challenged people are justified.At least, it provides them with the opportunity to move forward in life, we know how cruel the society is.

‘Economically Based Reservations/ Family Income Reservation’: Reservation should be in toto made on the basis of the economical conditions of the aspirant and nothing else. The kind of reservation policy that our government currently supersedes does nothing but divide the society into different sections.Like there are many people I know who possess wonderful talent but can’t do much because they haven’t got the resources while SC/ST/OBC with mediocre marks and travelling in their cars get easy admissions in good colleges.

End of reservation!, “I doubt”

The possible institution that could end the reservation:-

Court of justice.

A debate in upper/lower house.

The mass movement of people.


Court of justice.

We all know how good is the judicial system of this country.
Unless a citizen files a case endeavouring emancipation of reservation in India, the judiciary won’t do anything, moreover, the court will give its decision based on afterwards analysis of the situation that would be after its order which will obviously be,

Rallies, bandhs, strikes, immobilising vehicles, tearing-down of government properties, which usually happens in this country. you know the answer.

The debate in upper/lower house.

SC, ST and OBC’s comprises of about 69.2% of the world’s largest democracy. Would any of the political party be hitting its precious vote bank?Is it a fucking job?
Politics loves its vote bank more than India.

A mass movement of the people.

We don’t have time for this nonsense.

“Let thy be happy”

Image result for reservation in india graphicsYes, our so-called democracy is responsible for this reservation system because they have to appease. A particular group of people in India to get their votes. In India reservation was first started for the people who were economically backwards and socially deprived but then corrupt politicians for fulfilling their greed made it an agenda of vote bank, and reservation in India shifted from poor to caste.

The rancorous reservation system of India will never emancipate as our politicians and Court will never authorize that to happen.

It will never ever end in this century because it is a fodder for political parties.So according to our government a person who is earning 5lakh per annum, can pay taxes, but if he is lower caste then he can’t compete in a competition and he needs reservation!

So basically reservation is never going to end in a country where people don’t cast their votes but they vote for their caste.

Reservations on the footnote of caste instead of reservations on the footnote of conditions are bad and unacceptable. They were actually brought in to uplift the people with poor conditions of life, those who don’t have meals to eat, clothes to wear and no home to live in. If there have to be any, they ought to be made on family education, family employment, family property, family income and if any disabilities and traumas. It should be such that it truly benefits economically deprived individuals and bring them all to evenness.It is the antithesis of development and equality. The country doesn’t need these bullshit reservations which are based on castes or religion but to actually provide benefit to those who have minimal resources; merit and calibre should be given equal and due paramountcy in admission procedures as well job opportunities. Going by this way, we would be capable of eradicating caste discrimination and unite the rich together in helping the poor, irrespective of their castes, colour or religion.

A Black Hole isn’t the need of the hour, where there is only Entry but ain’t no exit: What is needed is a effective Reservation System where we need to inspect the progress of various castes/groups within SC, ST and OBC periodically and remove those who have already ameliorated and adding those who are still downtrodden. Currently, no castes are removed because of fear of this on elections. An independent body: Comprising of Sociologists, Anthropologists, Retired Judges can be part of such an empowered body insulating the politicians who are wary of the effect on elections.

Reservations are the biggest enemy of meritocracy. We tend to offer reservation by means of insouciant entry criteria, we are inflaming inflation of temperate dockets as confronting to the promotion of merit-based education system, which is the nitty gritty of many progressive countries. A merit-based system is being tarnished by interjecting relaxation on entry curtains, rather it should be emboldened by offering financial aids to the underprivileged through righteous candidates only.Caste Based Reservation only bolsters the sentiment of caste in the country, rather than dwindling it as a factor of social consideration, as our great constitution imagined. Reservation is a tool to meet exiguous political ends.

Related imageAffirmatory Action can be provided at a more encyclopedic level taking into account various elements of exclusion such as caste, economic conditions, gender, kind of schooling received etc. A comprehensive scheme of Affirmatory Action would be more propitious than reservations in addressing concerns of social justice.

This reservation bullshit is one of the hefty reasons why our country’s development is intangibly seeing any progress. Imagine what kind of an engineer we will have at our helm if a student has scored 15% marks in the entrance and is studying in premier institutes like NITs and IITs. Again during recruitment (specifically in government jobs), he gets an edge over others. This is same in case of medical education in our country. We see people complaining about the quality of medical education in India and everyone has something negative to say about a doctor. Whenever a doctor does some wrong diagnosis or treatment, he/she is targeted and in the process, the entire community of doctors is blamed. But people fizzle to realize that if a student who had average marks in high school and has got admission in medical college based on reservation (with extremely poor marks in entrance ) and has hardly any interest in medical science and he turns out to become a doctor, what can you really expect out of that person as a doctor.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any chance of some change in the coming years. Reasons have been explained. So how bad we regret, we have to carry on this injustice all throughout.

Framers of our Constitution had envisaged that reservation would stick around for a brief period of time, say 10 years, however, the moral and ethical bankruptcy of our political class has led to this quagmire.

The hegemony of and discrimination by upper castes can only be done away by eliminating the caste-institution as a whole. Caste is not a constitutional provision wherein an amendment passed by the Parliament works. The evil rests in the minds of the people. When this evil is eliminated from the minds, a process to scrap reservations is clear.

It is arguable whether there still exists a need for reservation in India. Indians are deeply divided on the basis of caste, gender, region, religion, language and they can not pose a united front against a schismatic issue such as reservation.

If you say that everyone is equal now in the society, please tell me why don’t we still have inter-caste marriages. The day when a Brahmin father would marry her daughter with a Dalit boy, that will be the day when reservations would have no meaning.

So to finally conclude, if you don’t like the system, be the change and make a transformation or at least try to bring a new idea, even if it fails not a problem. But we never make any attempts to it, so we need to accept the reality and go with the existing system.

PS: People are proud to be called backwards in a country which is trying to move forward.


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