To all the office goers, here are some quick and easy fitness tips

To all the office goers, here are some quick and easy fitness tips

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t watch it from others. Be a carrier.”

-Tom Stoppard

In these busy lives, do we have time to keep ourselves fit? Perhaps not. We have been grown up listening to Health is wealth. And so staying fit is equally important as to work. Exercise can be a major hack to keep our body healthy and fit. The benefits of exercise are endless. Physical activity increases our stamina, reduces stress, improves mood, decrease the risk of depression. So what should we do to be fit in this busy world?

Worry not, our research is done and here we are with some tips for you to be fit:

Drink a lot of water: Drinking water has endless benefits. It provides oxygen in our body. Water increases brain power and provides energy. It boosts skin health and beauty. Water is so beneficial for our body.

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Climb Stairs/ walk to co-workers: If you have to go to another floor, take the stairs. Avoid lifts. Try walking across the office to chat with a colleague, instead of sending an email. Someone going for coffee? Go with them. Your next meeting? Make it a walking meeting, especially if it’s nice out. If all you can do is stand up from your desk every half-hour and stretch, maybe walk around your office, then do that.

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Eat meals on time: Most of the people either skip their meals or eat junk food, which is not good for health. Make a habit of carrying a tiffin box while leaving for office. Eating on time makes a huge impact on our health. If we are eating breakfast at 12 and lunch 4 it can be unfit for our health.

Sleep Well: Sleep plays an important role in your physical health but people nowadays work late at night. They do not have fix time to sleep. But seven to eight hours of sleep is mandatory. Sleeping improves our memory, keeps our health healthy, prevents cancer, reduces stress and makes us alert.

Health, as they say, is wealth. Good health is necessary to carry out daily tasks. The most difficult obstacle when it comes to staying healthy with a busy lifestyle is time, or indeed, the distinct lack of it. By learning how to fit fitness into your busy routine, you can protect your health.

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