“To pay or not to pay? That is the question.”

Who doesn’t love going on dates? Everybody does. Everyone wants to know how it feels like to be treated as a special person by someone they love. But, is it always the guy’s responsibility to make a girl feel that way? Definitely not. Then why don’t guys let girls pay when on a date?

This article is all about that question. The question which nobody has a definite answer to. I wonder why? And this question continues to trouble women all around the world. After going through the same a couple of times, I decided to ask all my guy friends out of curiosity. The answers they gave were, not honest, but hilarious. It seems that even they weren’t aware why they do what they do. Oh! Such innocence!

So ladies, I am sure you must have pondered upon this question at least once in your life. Well, let me help you out a bit.  These are the answers I received on the other end. You might find some to be actually stupid. Don’t blame me! :p

“Men are hard-wired for paying.”

What! Do guys have an extra hormone called “pay all the time” which activates itself on dates and meal times? What a fantastic answer! ha ha

“A display of dominance it seems”

Are you serious? They believe that money is power and whoever pays will be considered more powerful. Well, guys, if you split the bill and consider yourself equal to your partner, then you can actually consider yourself living in the 21st century! Duh.

“If they don’t, then we will be questioning their masculinity.”

Hello? You aren’t being asked to fight street thugs who have molested your girl! It’s just a bill. Can’t you show a little bit feminism and let her pay as well? Your parents didn’t sign up for paying for someone else’s daughter’s dinner bill when they had you. Chill. It won’t hurt to split the bill.

“It’s a trap when she asks to split. Women like it when men pay and take the responsibility.”

Okay. Maybe few. I agree that such women actually exist and quite happily except the fact that the man paid the bill. We are not living in the Victorian age anymore, where men were expected to do things because they were superior. In today’s world, everyone is equal. This was for all such women out there. Stop being dependent. It will make you weak.

“Those who show off do not shine.”

I kind of liked this answer. This ain’t any guy. This was answered by a girl. She believes that men want to show off how opulent and robust they are. That’s why they indulge in such so called ego satisfying activities. If you come to think about it, it’s actually true. No matter what, guys need to satisfy their man ego and declare the obvious – I m the MAN here. By doing this guys don’t stand out; they rather become part of the crowd. That’s not how you impress a woman. Be unique and original.

“ Men are superior, they obviously are supposed to pay”

Laugh out loud! What! That’s the most male chauvinist remark I have ever heard! We should probably make placards and sign boards that state “beware of such men”. If you are a man of your words, and that too such words, then you will have a hard time getting a girl. Forget going on a date.

When women offer to pay on dates, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to men. You should, in fact, thank her for playing her role in gender equality. Men paying all the time is such a backward thought. Its high time, we change the course of how things work. 

So guys and girls out there, next time you go on a date, you know what to do!

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