Why the physical abuse video of Meerut police should bother you?

Why the physical abuse video of Meerut police should bother you?

The supreme court and the government of India are constantly taking decisions which are hinting towards a free India where individuals can fearlessly take decisions and exist without any fear. However, the Supreme Court or the government can only create or bring down laws, how will the stereotypical mindset of the common people change, that is the question.

In a recent case in Meerut Uttar Pradesh, a girl was allegedly harassed by a bunch of people only because she went to exchange notes with a friend of hers who was a Muslim. But what is extremely disheartening is the fact that even UP police harassed the lady and recorded a video where a policewoman can be seen slapping and cursing the lady because of her ‘heinous’ actions. If the bearers of the law do not abide by the law and bring in their stereotypes and hypocritical mindset into their actions then what is the benefit of the Supreme Court’s judgment and the passing of laws?

If this persists, it will become highly unlikely that a person belonging to the LGBT community who is badly treated by goons will inform police due to lack of faith in the legal system and the torchbearers of the very system. Moreover, religious animosity can rise which can lead to much more problems. The sheer fact that the policeman made a clear statement regarding his disliking about the religion of the boy can make a whole community lose faith in the system. Even Muzaffarnagar riots were a result of a similar condition. However, here it wasn’t a matter of the relationship between two people of different religions, it was just a conversation between the two.

The most important aspect of a functioning democracy is the faith in the legal system. The lady who was harassed by the police claimed that she was forced by the police to file a rape case against her friend if she wanted to save her character from being portrayed a bad light. Common people’s trust in the legal system will die if such events continue to happen. The question which arises is ‘why will people report cases if and when their dignity is compromised knowing that is more harassment from the police on the way’ which is exactly what happened in the Meerut case.


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